A Word of Warning

So, been enjoying a wonderful afternoon of painting. Took on a WetCanvas.com Watercolor Monthly Challenge, so I was painting that right in front of the computer while simultaneously working on something on the drafting table, from last month’s challenge in the WetCanvas.com Southwest forum. Great fun, and always nice to have another painting to pick up while the first one is drying.

Now you have to understand, I’m one of those folks who needs a beverage around pretty much constantly. I am also a weirdo (or maybe just thrifty?) and a lot of my drinking containers are Classico spaghetti sauce jars, which just happen to be pint-sized Atlas brand mason jars. I also have a pack of half pint Ball jars left over from a project, and a couple of these have been confiscated for water jars. …What? I like mason jars. Anyway.

I’ve been walking jars back and forth all afternoon, finally had to leave both paintings to dry and decided to return all the paint stuff to the studio and catch up on Wetcanvas – with my *other* water. The drinking kind. The one that’s been deposited who-knows-where as I traveled around all day.

Ahh, there it is, on the paint table. I retrieved it and returned the last jar of dirty paint water to the studio, and there I am staring at the table… is it me, or wasn’t there a jar of *clean* water here just a minute ago? The one I only swished a brush in a few times? Yeah, that was here. It didn’t sprout legs and… oh, no, don’t tell me…

Yep, it’s there on my computer desk all right. The fancy-script “Ball” emblazoned right there on the side. Small size. Water half gone. AAACKK!!

The *real* drinking water was in yet another room. I’d only dunked a pretty clean brush in that small jar a few times, to wet some areas with clear water, but STILL! Ick!

Moral of this story? Stick to tea while painting. The mug is a little more distinctive.

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