A Pencil-Tin Palette

MS tin closedI spotted this Mars-Staedtler pencil set on sale at the local art store a few months ago, and it went into my basket immediately.

Looked like a nice travel palette to me! And when I got it home, turns out it holds 27 half-pans as nice as you please.

They’re just a teensy bit tight in there, so I used extra blue-tak to firmly stick a couple that wanted to pop up. Other than that, I can’t imagine a random object being better suited to storing some paint!

If you prefer, leave out a row of pans. Then it would hold 18 half-pans (or 9 whole) with room for a brush. I was looking forward to adding a few pigments to the 21-color lineup in the Panter Palette, so I went for 27 halfs. Here’s the case full of paint, and a paintout:

MS tin open Swatches

Oh, and know what else? The tin came with free pencils!

Originally posted on WetCanvas.com.

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