Behold the Sunbird

102115 Sunbird_800Had a color fit this week, painted across the spread in my sketchbook. The black lines are freehand drawn with a permanent brush pen, with watercolor and a few touches of white gouache.

On Winsor and Newton 90lb hot press, about 8″ x 10″. Paints used? Oh, goodness.

  • PB16 Phthalo turquoise
  • PV19 Quin Rose
  • the same with PB29 Ultramarine to make the violet
  • PO62 benzimidazolone orange
  • PO71 transparent pyrrole orange
  • PY150 Nickel Azo yellow
  • PO49 Quin Gold
  • PG18 Viridian
  • and PH Martin’s Bleedproof white for a few highlights on some interior wing feathers. (The beak, eye, and wingtip marks are saved whites.)

Erm. I think that’s my world’s record for the most pigments used in the same painting!

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