Sunset Evening

120515-Sunset-TankersAh, the tankers at sunset. Spent a lovely hour or two sketching while the sun went down. We were there late enough for the tankers’ lights to come on, so I dabbed those in with a bit of Bleedproof White. Otherwise, that’s cobalt, PO62, and a dash of PO73.

Tankers were not the only thing in view this evening – in addition to the usual birds and porpoises, I made friends with a beetle.

Anybody know what kind of bug this is? He landed on the sketchbook while I was painting the ships, and hung around long enough to sketch him. The sketch is bigger than life size. He walked all over the book, the brush, and various fingers until I was done, then it was a bit difficult to get him back on the beach where he belongs. Finally did though. Hope I didn’t hurt the little guy, he was an obliging if busy model. Jane’s Gray and PO73.

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