Specializing in clean, focused design and smart, effective solutions

I’m a graphic designer, science illustrator, watercolorist, itinerant sketcher, and maker of many things. Creative energy comes from the heady rush of breaking roadblocks, and/or a good cup of first flush Darjeeling.

Design is a universal process for me. Optimizing workflows, designing eye-catching layouts, organizing assets, and creating stunning scientific illustrations are all the same thrill ride. In practical terms, the minutiae of backend production is just as crucial to excellent results as award-winning design, and I am equally at home in both worlds.

My professional qualifications include a BFA in design from Chapman University and over 25 years of corporate/in-house and freelance experience as a graphic designer, production designer, workflow consultant, and illustrator. This includes over seven years of specialization in commercial real estate, as well as significant experience in finance and investing, party, toys, scrapbooking, and freelance design across a variety of industries.

All this is backed up with a lifetime of practice in fine art: watercolor, drawing, photography, DIY art supplies, and more.

Want a peek into my creative process? Check out the sketchbook for in-the-moment observations (mostly en plein aire) and the journal for an in-depth look at the story behind the work.