Childhood Friend

sketchbook5 052714This is the last page in my sketchbook, finished today. I painted an imaginary door on the first page and I kind of like to end a sketchbook with a reprise. This time, I painted the front porch of the house I grew up in. Not sure it’s my best work ever, especially the cast shadows from the rosebush. Still, good times, good memories of a place that only exists in my mind now. (The building still stands, but it’s been remodeled, new owners and it’s just not home anymore.)

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Bee Mine

Bee-Mine-Final-021112A quick test to see if I like Richeson 140lb CP paper:

7.5″ x 11″, though I cropped the scan slightly on the right to get the bee in a happier position. Indanthrone blue, perinone orange, and quin rose, with a homemade “hookers” green in the background (prussian blue and ni azo yellow.)

This bee was checking out the Bird of Paradise flowers at a local college campus while I was there to shoot reference pics. Painted this in 2011 and sent it to my Dad, so this is Round 2. Seemed like the last time it was a *lot* more work, what a difference a year makes!

Conclusion: Yes, I like the paper. Now I need to see if I like the back. If yes, that’s good because it’s time for a new sketchbook.

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