Courtyard People

031616-Courtyard-PeopleA nice day to kick off your shoes! That’s exactly what the second lady had done, enjoying some fine almost-spring weather. The corporate landscaping around here looks like giant kid’s blocks spilled everywhere. Most people sit on them and mess with their phones; amazingly I found two people to paint that were looking at something else. The upper woman had an old fashioned paper notebook and the lower was just staring into the clear blue sky. Saw another lady with an analog book. Banner day!

People are very much my weak point, especially proportions.

In this context, most folks don’t stay put long enough for any detailed studies, so I just go in with a wet brush and pay the best attention I can on the fly. Over time, everything gets better. These sketches took maybe 10 mins each. Barefoot lady put her shoes on and left before I was done.

For both: PB27/PR101 (Homer’s Gray) on the blocks, PY129/Green Apatite on the plants.

The lower lady has Jane’s Gray clothes and raw sienna/burnt umber for her skin and hair. The upper one has PV19 (violet) on her shirt, PB27 pants dulled down with a bit of PR101, and PR101 in a thin wash for her skin. Added a touch of PO73 to get the color of her fabulous natural red hair.

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