Childhood Friend

sketchbook5 052714This is the last page in my sketchbook, finished today. I painted an imaginary door on the first page and I kind of like to end a sketchbook with a reprise. This time, I painted the front porch of the house I grew up in. Not sure it’s my best work ever, especially the cast shadows from the rosebush. Still, good times, good memories of a place that only exists in my mind now. (The building still stands, but it’s been remodeled, new owners and it’s just not home anymore.)

It’s painted from a child’s eye perspective. I would have been 5 or so and the kitty maybe a year old, just past kittenhood. We got her as a just-weaned kitten and grew up together, I was college age when she died. This is mostly from memory, although I did check a couple refs for detail (memories fade!) This is the kitty when she was much older, maybe 11. 6″ x 9″, painted on Twinrocker Rough with Jane’s Gray, Green Apatite, PV19 Carmine, and a dash of Hooker’s green (PB27+PY150).


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