Port of Los Angeles and Palos Verdes

092114 POLA and PVWe had a little cool weather this week, and it blew out all the September smog. The Port is back, and so is Palos Verdes!
Not trying to be cheesy with the porpoises, there was a large pod swimming back and forth all morning. One stand-up paddleboarder was surrounded for a while, he must have been pretty stoked.

The tanker on the right turned and the sun lit up the superstructure, so I painted a detail of it. Per MarineTraffic.com, this tanker is Spyros and the container ship on the left in the first sketch, is Hyundai New York.

092114 POLA and PV detail092114 POLA and PV Photo 2There was another cargo ship, Cap Corrientes in between them but I left it out to unclutter the scene a bit. Both of those are on the same 6″ x 9″ sketchbook page, Fabriano Rough 140lb, PR101, PB27, and some Raw Sienna. Here’s the view with a little telephoto, as I was painting it. The Hyundai cargo ship is chopped off on the extreme left.

I also attempted painted this little sanderling that decided to take a rest in front of us. Sketchy indeed! Raw umber and Ultramarine Blue.

092114 sanderling  092114 sanderling at rest pic

Rather more challenging than painting a ref on the computer!

092114 POLA and PV PhotoFinally, to close here’s the port with a foreground wave for good measure.

Originally posted on WetCanvas.com.

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