Inktober: Oct 13 – …

It’s official. I did exactly nothing for Inktober Oct 13.

Well, I didn’t do nothing, exactly. More like I moped morosely though reference images and fidgeted with small objects around the studio, came up blank, and eventually retired to bed for the night. It happens. I felt like a real loser though, especially after nearly dozing off before painting the Tibia Fusus and then finding myself so energized at the finish. A good painting makes me dance around while working on it! Even the music I deeply love is not going to get me on my feet like that, I don’t respond to it in that way. Something about seeing the vision in my head come to life on paper does get me bouncing around like a happy little kid. It’s nice to still be able to do that even with the burdens of adulthood piled up on my shoulders.

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