Inktober: Oct 13 – …

It’s official. I did exactly nothing for Inktober Oct 13.

Well, I didn’t do nothing, exactly. More like I moped morosely though reference images and fidgeted with small objects around the studio, came up blank, and eventually retired to bed for the night. It happens. I felt like a real loser though, especially after nearly dozing off before painting the Tibia Fusus and then finding myself so energized at the finish. A good painting makes me dance around while working on it! Even the music I deeply love is not going to get me on my feet like that, I don’t respond to it in that way. Something about seeing the vision in my head come to life on paper does get me bouncing around like a happy little kid. It’s nice to still be able to do that even with the burdens of adulthood piled up on my shoulders.

A Word of Warning

So, been enjoying a wonderful afternoon of painting. Took on a Watercolor Monthly Challenge, so I was painting that right in front of the computer while simultaneously working on something on the drafting table, from last month’s challenge in the Southwest forum. Great fun, and always nice to have another painting to pick up while the first one is drying.
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