Tiny Flower

This diminutive flower was growing on what looked to be some sort of spider plant. I know them better as houseplants, not sure if it’s the same kind, but they grow big and abundant on the northerly sides of the buildings. In addition to the interestingly-striped leaves, most of them had sprays of these tiny flowers and buds. This is probably double life size. Doesn’t look like I captured the light coming through the petals very well – live and learn! This bloom was backlit and shining over some shadowy leaves behind it. I’ll have to try for greater contrast next time and see if I can get that glow in the petals.

The flowers were perhaps a bit more lavender than this. PV23 would have been way too violet, and PB60 was close enough, so I spared myself the hassle of mixing. Leaves and background are Green Apatite and Jadeite, and there’s a touch of PY150 in the flower’s center.

Update 6.16.17 – it’s a flax lily. I don’t recall seeing blue berries on them in the past, those are coming next however. There’s an outstanding closeup of the flower at AphotoFlora.com.

In other news, I picked up a whopper of a sunburn while painting this. I am usually thoughtful about sun exposure and take care to employ hats, sleeves, and shade to my skin’s advantage. On that day, a delicious cool breeze and pretty tiny flowers had me transfixed. Plus, I very untypically wore an off-shoulder top. Add an hour-long lunch break and OUCH. The only thing that kept both shoulders from getting scorched was the shadow cast by my own head! Live and learn indeed.

Bee Mine

Bee-Mine-Final-021112A quick test to see if I like Richeson 140lb CP paper:

7.5″ x 11″, though I cropped the scan slightly on the right to get the bee in a happier position. Indanthrone blue, perinone orange, and quin rose, with a homemade “hookers” green in the background (prussian blue and ni azo yellow.)

This bee was checking out the Bird of Paradise flowers at a local college campus while I was there to shoot reference pics. Painted this in 2011 and sent it to my Dad, so this is Round 2. Seemed like the last time it was a *lot* more work, what a difference a year makes!

Conclusion: Yes, I like the paper. Now I need to see if I like the back. If yes, that’s good because it’s time for a new sketchbook.

Originally posted on Wetcanvas.com