Il Fornaio, then and now

0041916-Il-FornaioThought I would take a break from the courtyard people and sketch this restaurant at lunch. It’s a sit-down place with a quick-serve sandwich shop off to one side – this is the door to the shop. I found a lovely shady spot on the open patio and soaked up some fresh spring air, and painted away.

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Last Light on the Aspens

Last-LightApparently my muse wants to go camping! A made-up scene inspired by all the pretty fall photos I’ve been seeing. 6″x9″ on Arches 140lb rough, PB60/PO48 with PO73, PY150, PY129 and a random splash of PG7 in the foliage.

Very pleased with the foreground shrubs, which are somewhat inspired by Roland Lee (a masterful painter of skies as well.)

I might do a larger version.

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Pebble Sand – Demo

CK_chicago-beach_09--98I’ve been digging through scads of old photos this weekend, scrounging for reference pics. Found a few winners, including this shot of some pebbles on the lakeshore in Chicago, taken on vacation in 1998.

I wanted to keep a limited palette and also explore the sand-creating possibilities of the best granulator I know: Daniel Smith Genuine Purpurite. This stuff is so granular it’s almost best not to really paint with it, as much as dab it on and let the water float it around.

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Bee Mine

Bee-Mine-Final-021112A quick test to see if I like Richeson 140lb CP paper:

7.5″ x 11″, though I cropped the scan slightly on the right to get the bee in a happier position. Indanthrone blue, perinone orange, and quin rose, with a homemade “hookers” green in the background (prussian blue and ni azo yellow.)

This bee was checking out the Bird of Paradise flowers at a local college campus while I was there to shoot reference pics. Painted this in 2011 and sent it to my Dad, so this is Round 2. Seemed like the last time it was a *lot* more work, what a difference a year makes!

Conclusion: Yes, I like the paper. Now I need to see if I like the back. If yes, that’s good because it’s time for a new sketchbook.

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