Another Lighthouse Paper Test: Fabriano Cold Press

100714 Fabriano CP lighthouse test_CCI find lighthouses are irresistible subjects when I want to test some paper… there is no better excuse to paint a sky!

This is some 140lb Fabriano Cold Press that I’m considering for the next sketchbook. Have been using various brands of 140lb rough for the last three books and decided to change it up a bit. I like using something different in each, keeps me from getting stagnant.

Funny how you grow as an artist. I tried Fabriano when I returned to painting in 2009, and hated it. First the Fabriano Rough won me over for the last book, which is nearly full. Now, so far I like the cold press too. (This is different than Soft Press, perhaps I’ll try that sometime, but for now this is as smooth as I want to paint on.)

An odd scrap, 12″ x 3″ – PB28 Cobalt, PO62 Benzi Orange, and a bit of PB35 Cerulean in the lower part of the sky. The water sparkles are almost entirely drybrushing. I threw on a few in the foreground with an Xacto where it was too wet to sparkle.

Here’s a detail of those mean-looking clouds (I’m a bit obsessed with painting weather!) and the little made-up lighthouse on its own.

100714 Fabriano CP lighthouse test_detail_clouds    100714 Fabriano CP lighthouse test_detail_LH

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